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Created 31-Jan-10
Modified 16-Feb-15
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This is a "working collection" of photographs of churches in China which I have come across during my travels in the country. There are of course many such places both in urban and rural settings, and it should not come as a surprise that the architectural styles & designs are highly diverse & distinct.

The time span in which these images were taken is rather broad: the earliest date back to 1986, while the most recent ones register as of November 2014. Images of the interior are rare. In some instances outside (=foreign) visitors are not allowed or welcome, in (most) other instances the premises are often locked and only open for limited hours during the week.

I hope that this gallery is of use to
a) those studying the revival of Christianity in China;

b) those who look at the integration of western architectural elements into the modern Chinese cityscape;

c) those who are interested in the aspects of preservation of cultural heritage sites in China.

The sites represented here are situated in the following cities:
- Shanghai
- Tianjin
- Beijing
- Qingdao (Shandong province)
- Jining (Shandong province)
- Fuzhou (Fujian province)
- Xiamen/Gulangyu (Fujian province)
- Yandang Mountains (Fujian province)
- Shantou (Guangdong province)
- Ningbo (Zhejiang province)
- Wenzhou (Zhejiang province)
- Wuhan (Hubei province)
- Wuxi (Jiangsu province)
- Luoyang (Henan province)
- Pingyao (Shanxi province)
- Zhengding (Hebei province)
- Qingyan (Guizhou Province)
- Tangqi (Zhejiang province)
- Suzhou (Jiangsu province)
- Handan (Hebei province)
- Weixian (Hebei province)
- Daming (Hebei province)
- Kaifeng (Henan province)
- Jiaxing (Zhejiang province)
- Shaoxing (Zhejiang province)

Thomas H. Hahn
Berkeley, CA
January 2015
Daming (Hebei province); Catholic church, French construction, completed in 1916Daming (Hebei province); Catholic church, French style construction, completed in 1916Daming Catholic church, interior view IDaming Catholic church, interior view IIDaming Catholic church, interior view IIIDaming, Theological seminary across the street from the churchFuzhou I (Old mission church, converted into a military  printshop; 2006)Fuzhou IIFuzhou III (the church missing tower and bell)The Fujian Theological Seminary 福建省神学院 and main administrative offices of the Protestant ChurchBeijing, St. Joseph's Church on Wangfujing 大聖若瑟堂Beijing, St. Joseph's Church on Wangfujing 大聖若瑟堂Beijing, St. Joseph's Church on Wangfujing 大聖若瑟堂- Evening choirBeijing, Cathedral of Immaculate Conception 圣母无染原罪天主堂South Protestant Church 基督教南堂 in Handan (completed in 2004)South Protestant Church 基督教南堂 in Handan (completed in 2004) IISouth Handan Protestant Church 基督教南堂, interior viewLuoyang I (Christian church with  Islamic style minarets; 2008)Luoyang IICatholic church on the old  Ningbo Bund - I (2009)