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Shi Guorui 史国瑞 - Beijing CCTV Dec. 18, 2007Lang Xiaoqi 朗小杞 - Image. City 意象. 城Wang Mingxian 王明贤 - Thinking Koolhaas (2010)Jing Kewen (no date)Chi Peng 迟鹏: Why should I love you? (2008)Chi Peng 迟鹏: Why should I love you? (2008) - larger versionWang Mingxian 王明贤 - Ancient Art of Chinese Palace 中国历代艺术之故宫 (2010)白小光, by Li Dafang 李大方On the hook (2018)Weng Peijun 翁培竣 (Weng Fen 翁奋) Future/New BeijingWeng Peijun 翁培竣 (Weng Fen 翁奋)Collective Memory - Big Pants 集体记忆 - 大裤衩, by Chen Shaoxiong 陈劭雄 (2015)Pascal Yerly - Jed@CCTV"CCTV Mandala"  Graffiti, Beijing 798, May 9, 2010Peng Rong - BionicMichael Lee IMichael Lee II