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Created 1-Jun-08
Modified 24-Jul-08
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Main adminstrative building of the Revolutionary Committee 革命委员会 on Yongxing IslandWorkers from the Guangdong Province Archeology dept. digging for artefacts on the islandsPottery artefacts on display excavated on the Xisha IslandsCopper coins from the Han (Wang Mang 王莽大泉五十) and the Ming Dynasties retrieved off the Xisha IslandsSteles from the Guangxu reign (1882-1902) on one of the Xisha islands. Some claim the date is fake.Soldiers one by one receiving their personal copy of Mao's writings (on Jinyin Island 金银岛)Navy personnel on Shanhu Island 珊瑚岛 listening to the news from BeijingNo caption availableSoldiers engaged in a criticism session 批判会Same as previous, officially published in the People's Daily 人民日报 on  Nov.29, 1974No caption availableSoldiers fishing off Jinyin Island 金银岛 in their leisure timeOfficers studying Marxism-Leninism, opposing Lin Biao's military doctrine 批判林彪的资产阶级军事路线No caption availableNo caption availableNavy pilot, getting ready to survey the islandsMilitary exercise on Yongxing Island 永兴岛, combining volunteers and army/navyAnti-aircraft exercise on Yongxing Island 永兴岛Fishermen searching for specimen on a reefRepelling the enemy by using a 37 [calibre?] canon 三七炮