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Created 9-Jun-10
Modified 7-Oct-23
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All images taken within a short time span, maybe 4 weeks, in two countries (China and the USA). The equipment is always the same: The Fujifilm S5 and the Sigma 150mm Macro. On DX this lens gives enough reach for close-ups, portraits and candid shots (as well as of course macros, which are not included here). It preserves colors accurately, doesn't add or substract, which the S5 has a tendency to, in JPG at least. Most of these files were developed in Lightroom 3 (final version) from JPGs in fact. At present I prefer the Sigma over my Zeiss 100mm Macro, mainly I suppose because of its responsive, completely silent AF operation and its farther reach. Image quality wise, the Zeiss still pulls away, but both are close enough in terms of IQ to achieve completely satisfactory (or even inspriring) results.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Wedding model (Beijing, China)School boy, glowing in the afternoon sun (Handan, China)Two young lads in Handan (China), well groomedModel shoot  (Beijing 798)Amish (Ithaca, NY)Belly dancerGrizzled (Ithaca, NY)Hairstyles  (Ithaca, NY)Latin dancers (Ithaca, NY)Man with pipeMarley's ghostMike Tyson with daughter  (IBHOF, Canastota, NY)The slow business of selling water lilies