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Created 18-Sep-06
Modified 13-Jan-23
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A collection of chance encounters, accidents, and discoveries. A couple of these pictures are arranged ("staged"), otherwise things were left alone and just slightly recontextualized. Against usual (somewhat harried) practice, with these photographs I did pay a bit more attention to exposure and composition.

Taken in the following locations:
Norwich, upstate New York.
New York City, Battery Park.
San Francisco.
Beijing, China.
Sanya, Hainan Island, China.
Bar Harbor, Maine.
Rockland, Massachussetts.
Ithaca, upstate New York.
Paris, France.
Sergiev Posad, Russia.
Marburg, Germany.

In contrast to my other collections and galleries, this collection is not serialized or homogeneous in any way. Cameras and gear differ considerably, from medium format to digital.

Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca, NY
Paris piggeryLimping across a Tiber bridgeFlorence, duomoCalifornia floods, Jan. 2023German-Polish borderN ItalyVenchi adSalerno muralRed and black, RomeFlorence staircaseRome, cast awayMilan fashion IMilan fashion IIMilan fashion IIIRome, sunsetRome, sunriseRoman ruinsParis, sunsetHigh heels (all chocolate)The American