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Created 11-Jan-07
Modified 11-Jan-07
50 photos
The Seestern Series is a collection of fifty (magic) lantern slides, that is, b/w glass slides, 83 x 97mm each, covering China, Manchuria, and Korea. The slides were used in the classroom of gymnasiums and at universities in undergraduate studies in Germany and Austria. This particular series (part CLVIII of the so-called CL series) on East Asia belonged to a much larger scheme, the "Bibliotheca cosmographica", which basically covered the entire then known surface of the earth. It is a very rare and complete set. Each slide is numbered and annotated. I have translated the original German annotations into English.

Images 1 - 36 are scenes from China;
Images 37 - 41 cover Manchuria;
Images 42 - 50 represent scenes from Korea.

The photographs are dedicated to a surprisingly wide range of issues, such as landscape, architecture, portraiture, social conditions (image 19 captures student demonstrations and social unrest), industry and commerce.

Scanned in color with a Canon 8600F flatbed scanner to 1200 dpi TIF, converted to grayscale and into JPG format.

Original TIF files upon request.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Reception Hall of the emperor in the Forbidden City in PekingSummer Palace in PekingTemple of Heaven in PekingTrain in front of the Hatamen in PekingForeign legation quarters in PekingPagoda Wu-ta-tze near PekingResidential Park Jehol [Chengde]The Great Chinese WallMing Tombs north of PekingA Chinese villageLoading tea in Hankau [Hankou]Irrigation of rice field in ChinaChinese schoolChinese eating a mealGrave in a rice fieldChinese funeralPilgrimage to MiaofengshanChinese [criminal] in a "kang"Chinese demonstrating against foreign oppressionTemple of Confucius in K-hü-fu in Shandong province