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Created 31-Jan-07
Modified 31-Jan-07
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Views of Mt. Emei 峨眉山 in Sichuan Province. This mountain (elevation of the main peak is over 3000m) is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China, attracting pilgrims and travellers for over a thousand years from far and wide (including Tibetan pilgrims). It is very hard to see where else in China such an extremely rich architectural and religious heritage is complemented by such extraordinary natural conditions. Not surprisingly, Mt. Emei (together with the Great Buddha of Leshan, which is not far from here) has been awarded the status of a UNESCO world heritage site in 1996.

An excellent read on Mt. Emei is Jim Hargett's new book "Stairway to Heaven - A Journey to the Summit of Mount Emei" (SUNY Press, New York 2006).

All photographs (with the exception of the last three, which date to the fall of 1985) taken with a dying Minolta SRT-101 on December 27-30, 1981.

Standard 100ASA Kodak color negative film, scanned with an Epson 4990 scanner; individually post-processed for color correction (sometimes not entirely successful), fading, sharpness (in a couple of cases), and lens/perspective distortion.

Uploaded January 31, 2007
Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca, NY
Tibetan prayer flags at the main summitDetail of the installationSunsetView towards the southMountain scenery IMountain scenery IIMountain scenery IIIView towards a heavily wooded valleyMountain scenery IVMountain scenery VRemote temple on a lower peakMountain scenery VIMountain scenery VIIAbode towards the main summitDefunct building on the summit areaAbandoned bell sitting near the defunct buildingDetail of the bellOverlooking the "Sea of Clouds" 云海The summit was two days up ahead (on paths like these)A path not usually travelled