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Created 1-Jun-08
Modified 19-Jan-17
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A series of official propaganda photographs from Qufu at the height of the anti-Confucius campaign. As the ancient home to "the Sage" and his heirs, Qufu was a prime target for intellectual and physical attacks from the Red Guards during the latter stages of the Cultural Revolution. The slogan "ethics serve politics" was heard throughout the land, and many traditional Confucian ritual practices were banned, such as the mourning period after a family member's passing.

Qufu's Confucius Temple (in fact a series of grand ancestral and sacrificial halls and courtyards) was converted into a revolutionary teaching facility, with showrooms of past evils and well-trained guides speaking of the exploitation of the old days and ways.

Shandong Forum on Confucius (1962)

Joseph, William, A: The Critique of ultra-Leftism in China, 1958-1981; Stanford University Press, 1984

Gu Chun: The Reactionary Nature of the Worship of Confucius by the Feudal Ruling Class and the Anti-Confucian Struggles of the Peasants as Seen from the History of the Temple of Confucius at Qufu; in 考古 Kaogu, 1974.01 (in Chinese).

Pu Jen: Qufu, once a Shrine of Confucius and His Followers Becomes a Battlefront for Criticizing Lin Piao and Confucianism; in 考古 Kaogu, 1974.03 (in Chinese).

Pu Hong: The Kong Family's Mansion at Qufu - a Manor of Landlord Tyrants; in 考古 Kaogu, 1974.04 (in Chinese).

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Denouncing the Kong family residency entrance tablet specifying the home as one of sages 聖家Kong Family residency entrance tablets with alleged counter-revolutionary contentAerial view of the Kong Family Shrine/Residency 孔庙Punishment device (the guopaijia 鍋拍枷) used by the Qufu county yamenPunishment tools used in the various halls of the Kong residencyMain Hall of the KongmiaoSurveying the remaining "luxuries" of the Kong familyRecords of the Kong family land holdings (over 1.000.000 mu 亩 in 5 provinces)Utensils to measure grain taxesKong family water carrier's living quarters (6 sm for a family of 5)Criticism session to eradicate the belief that all with the surname Kong were equally privilegedDiscussing the historical background of the "Female Martyr Stele"Edicts and ceremonial implements 木笏 bestowed on the Kong family by Song & Ming emperorsText documenting Jiang Kaishek's visit to the KongmiaoPhotographs showing Jiang Kaishek together with Japanese ImperialistsWall poster 大字报 at the entrance of the Kong Residency denouncing Kong and Lin (Biao)Depending on circumstances, prison tower for others or secure citadel for the KongsHistorical records with details about farmers' uprisings against the Kongs (in 1214 for example)PLA soldiers 解放军 visiting an exhibition space in the Kongmiao dedicated to peasant uprisingsStudying Mao Zedong's 1955 text on the future of socialism with reference to Chenjia village 陈家庄