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Created 2-May-11
Modified 2-May-11
19 photos
The theme of this series is the united struggle to enact the directives of the tenth general party assembly; each segment of society (especially the youths), and each minority, is asked to contribute to Mao's vision of production, practice and research.

The date of this set of propaganda exhibition photographs is December 1973. Note that #19 is missing.

Epson scanner 4990, processed in Lightroom 3.2

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Political instruction at the Tianjin nr.1 steel millStudying communist propaganda at a people's commune in Chuansha county, ShanghaiDemonstration re the party's strategy for agricultural production increases (Chaoyang qu, Beijing)40% increase of grain production for 1973 at a commune in Yutai county, ShandongThe local party secretary leading the struggle on the ground (Hui county, Henan)The model commune Dazhai (Shanxi)Cotton production in the Shijiazhuang area, HebeiYouths being send down to assist in developing the countryside (Haiyang county, Shandong)Women of the Yao and Zhuang minorities working in the fields in Du'an, GuangxiDiscussing Dazhai production principles as far away as in Naqu county, TibetSteel production at a steel mill in Wuhan (Hubei)Party secretary on inspection tour at a Shanghai garment and underwear factoryWorkers at the model oil drilling facility Daqing, XinjiangCarrying the struggle of the revolution into the Kailan minesInstalling a transformer unit in the Yi minority area of southern SichuanFertilizer factory in Changtai county, FujianInstructing  young workers at a cotton spinnery in Nantong county, JiangsuChina's first computer capable of  processing one million operations per second (Beijing)Alert [multi-ethnic] border militias keeping watch against  imperialist forces