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Created 25-Apr-07
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Photographic postcards of the van Scheut Mission, a mission closely linked to the prominent Belgian priest Frank Verbiest. It was established in 1865 in northern China, mainly Mongolia, and later (after 1878) expanded to include the frontier provinces of Gansu, Xinjiang and Qinghai as well.

The Frank Verbiest Institute in Leuven, Belgium, is endowed to conduct research on the subject of the mission, Mongolian studies and early European sinology.
Materials scanned at 300DPI to TIFF with an Epson 4990 scanner, and converted to lossless JPG.

Uploaded and updated May 29, 2007
Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca NY
Great Mission in Datong (Shanxi)Central seminary in Suiyuan (Inner Mongolia)van Scheut Mission compound, perhaps in GansuGrandfather with two boys on his way to the missionThe Mongolian outpost, probably at Xiwanzi