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This is a series of images of the exhibition hall dedicated to one of Nanxun village's (in Zhejiang, Huzhou) illustrious sons, namely, the photographer Liu Xucang 刘旭沧. Photographer Liu, it turns out, was a student and contemporary of Lang Jingshan, and in fact much of his oeuvre (going now for 10.000-30.000 RMB at auction for a single print) is inspired by Lang, if not directly related in terms of composition, technique, and motif. Similarities are so great (including nude models) that I actually thought at first that this was a combined Liu-Lang exhibition.

Liu Xucang needs to be credited with a number of things. He very much inaugurated color photography in China, at least he was an "early adopter". He also successfully contributed to national and international saloons, and did win many prizes with his work. Finally, he was the twice-elected secretary of the Chinese National Society of Photographers. He died in 1966, a year many good people died, at age 53.

All images taken with the Leica D-Lux 4; processing in Lightroom 2.1

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
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