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Created 22-Jan-07
Modified 22-Jan-07
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Images from Yandangshan, north of Wenzhou, in southern Zhejiang province. The Yandang Mountains can be divided into three parts: a Southern range, a middle range, and the Northern range. The core area is about 186 square km. Geologically speaking, the mountains constitute a natural museum for rhyolitic volcanic (magmatic) rocks. Aesthetically speaking, these mountains (with the highest peak at 1056 meters) are one of the most striking environments I ever set foot in. They are easily on a par with the over-exposed Guilin limestone karst mountains and the Nine Turns of Mount Wuyi.

An application to include this region, an A-class scenic (=tourist) site or "World Geopark", on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, was submitted by the National Commission of the People's Republic of China in 2001. A decision is pending.

I traveled here (on foot and by small watercraft) in May 1987, searching for hidden Daoist caves, shrines and monasteries. As you can see, I found them.

Fuji slide film, scanned with Epson 4990 as 1200 dpi TIF files. Converted to lossless JPG; colors restored when possible. Converted to gray-scale (see the other gallery) in cases where colors had shifted.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
View towards the Water Curtain Grotto 水廉洞Entrance to the Water Curtain Grotto 水廉洞Walking among giant perpendicular cliffsGraves in the countrysideGraves and a shrineOverlooking a village in the plains belowAlley way in the villageRock inscriptions (Dragon long 龙)Rock inscriptionsStream coming down the mountainsWayside Earth God shrineShrine next to the Water-Curtain Grotto IShrine next to the Water-Curtain Grotto IIShrine next to the Water-Curtain Grotto III