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Created 10-Dec-10
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Chen Yonggui 陈永贵 and Li Shunda 李顺达 in DazhaiYouth 知青 education in Yongning county 邕宁县 (=Nanning), Guangxi provinceStudying Dazhai's mass campaigns in Linxia city 临夏市, Gansu provinceStrategizing for better animal husbandry, better forestry, better harvests in Inner MongoliaPolitical critcism session 批判会 in Shuyang county 沭阳县, Jiangsu provinceStudying Mao's directives on agricultural production in Lingshou county 灵寿县, Hebei provinceFloodwater retention work in Tonglu county 桐庐县, Zhejiang provinceHigh mountains likewise must bow their head 高山也要低头 (to the revolutionary spirit of the Chinese people)Description missingConstructing terraced fields in the Dazhai mold in Benxi county 本溪县, Liaoning provinceDigging a large-scale  well in Penglai county 蓬莱县, Shandong provinceTilling the soil, transforming the landscape in Changge county 长葛县, Henan province