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New water management systems in Linqu county 临朐县, Shandong provinceLeveling the terrain in Dazhai 大寨, Shanxi provinceUsing a harvester to harvest wheat in Daxing county 大兴县, BeijingMechanizing agricultural production in Fu county 复县, Liaoning provinceAgricultural production and maintenance facility in Yancheng county 盐城县, Jiangsu provinceOne of 100+ water driven, small-scale  power stations in Jinhua county 金华县, Zhejiang provincePolitical night class 政治夜校 in Chuansha county 川沙县, ShanghaiTibetan commune leader Ying Zong (mid) extolling the virtues of "In Agriculture, learn from Dazhai"(Henan province) Wen  county's 温县 wheat harvest in 1972 exceeded the 1965 harvest by 75%Harvesting cotton in Susong county 宿松县, Anhui provinceExamining the quality of rape in Shifang county 什邡县, Sichuan provinceDrastically increasing the headcount of sheep in Xinyuan county 新源县, Xinjiang provinceNewly developed tea plantation in Xiangtan county 湘潭县, Hunan provinceCatching eel on Mayi Island 蚂蚁岛, Putuo county 普陀县, Zhejiang provinceTarget practice by members of the people's militia of Longlin county 隆林县, Guangxi provinceDistribution point of agricultural implements and tools in Dafeng county 大丰县, Jiangsu provinceZhuang 状 and Han 汉 studying together at a middle school in Longsheng county 龙胜县, Guangxi provinceSeasonal child care center 农忙托儿所 in Jiading county 嘉定县, ShanghaiPhysical examination of a fisherman by a medic of Xiapu county 霞浦县, Fujian provinceTending to the increase in agricultural production in Wuzhong county 吴忠县, Ningxia province