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Created 18-Jan-07
Modified 18-Jan-07
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Images of Maoshan 茅山, an important Daoist mountain and sacred resort assocated with the Three Mao Brothers, Ge Hong and Tao Hongjing. The mountain is located in Jurong county 句容县, Jiangsu province. It is also called Gouqushan 句曲山 in many scriptures.

Visited May and again in September 1985. At the time, Maoshan was engaged in three simultaneous processes:
1. rebuilding its architectural assets (which had suffered greatly during the Japanese invasion in 1938 and then again during the Cultural Revolution)
2. redefining its religious heritage, which had evolved into a medley of Zhengyi and Quanzhen traditions;
3. reaching out again to its pilgrims' base. Pilgrims had started to flow back to Maoshan in such numbers in fact (especially on the 15th day of the second lunar month) that word had to be sent out that people should stay at home for lack of space and resources to accommodate them all.

Maoshan has changed its appearance rather drastically over the past two decades. For more on Mt. Mao see

Agfa slide film, scanned with an Epson 4990 scanner at 1200dpi to TIF, converted to lossless JPG for web viewing. Files required some sharpening, but little else in the way of post-processing.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
The main cloister (or Belvedere) of Maoshan 九霄万福宫View from the steps of the main entranceOverlooking the plains belowApproaching the mountain on the unpaved roadOuter walls of the main cloisterRuins on the mountainAbbott Zhu Yijing 朱易经 discussing the reconstruction progress with workersOne of the halls being reconstructedOne of the main hallsClose-up of one of the main hallsView into the opposite directionDaoist deitiesDamage to one of the outer wallsLooking towards Small Maoshan 二茅山One of the outer five cloisters