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Created 5-Jun-07
Modified 5-Jun-07
20 photos
Japanese documentation of the city of Fuzhou, dated April 1927. Original photographs with detailed annotations (reproduced here as additional images ).

This series comprises the following themes:
1. Elderly man selling flowers
2. The bow of a ship, painted with mythological themes, including the Eight Immortals 八仙
3. Bamboo hut of a fortune teller, advertising his services
4. A grave site in the hills
5. Women at work (in brick works?), although the Japanese description focuses more on their hairdo and garments
6. White Pagoda Temple 白塔寺
7. An interesting fire hazard warning system erected on a hill above the city
8. Women transporting reeds, being portrayed as part of the work force in southern China, as opposed to typical women labor in North China
9. Boat types as can be seen on the Min River 闽江
10. The famous Wanshou Stone Bridge 万寿石桥

Scanned with an Epson 4990 into TIFF format, converted to lossless JPG.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Elderly man selling flowersThe Eight Immortals, painted on the bow of a ship in Fuzhou harborBamboo hut of a fortune tellerGrave site in the hillsWomen at work, and hairdoWhite Pagoda Temple 白塔寺Fire warning system on a hill topWomen transporting reeds by waterFujian boat typesThe Wanshou Stone Bridge 万寿石桥