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Created 21-Jul-06
Modified 4-Feb-07
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Images of Wudangshan, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its architecture and scenic beauty. Located in northern Hubei province, China. Visited September 15-17, 1985.

Sites and scenes included here are
- the mountain gateway,
- the Taizipo 太子坡,
- the monastery Zixiaogong 紫霄宫,
- the imperial stele pavillion 御碑亭,
- the Nanyangong 南岩宫,
- The Golden Summit 金顶,
- blue and white pilgrimages tablets.

At the SAH (Society of Architectural Historians) annual conference in Denver 2003 I gave a presentation about this site under the title "Sacred Spaces of Power – Imperial architecture and the (re-)construction of a sacred mountain in the early 15th century China." This presentation can be found at my site.

Thomas H. Hahn, July 22, 2006.
Some files rescanned, text updated January 14, 2007
The "prove-your-heart" stone