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Created 26-Feb-08
Modified 4-May-10
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A selection of color and b/w shots of nature details as seen in the Sapsucker Woods near Ithaca, NY. All photographs hand-held and taken with the Nikon D2X and the Zeiss ZF 100mm macro. F-stops range from F2 to F22. The lens is very sharp at F2 already, and provides extremely detailed object rendition at F4 up to F11.

Some files are variations on a theme, i.e. tests undertaken with different RAW developers applied to the same image. As expected, Nikon's Capture NX does a very fine job indeed, but Capture One 4 and the Bibble rendering also produce interesting results.

D2X files are somewhat malleable, not as much as the Fiuji S5, but even drastic underexposure by 3 stops was possible to rescue through PP.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
BoardwalkThistle on ice (Developed in Capture One 4)Thistle on ice (Developed in SilkyPix Developer Studio 3.0)Small bird in flight I (F3.2)Small bird in flight II (F3.2)Small bird in flight III (F3.8)Small bird in flight IV (F3.2)Coated leavesA different look, in the month of May (f8, LR Velvia preset)