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Created 27-Sep-06
Modified 29-Dec-06
34 photos
Views of sacred Mount Hua. Visited May 17-19, 1985. A spectacular environment, with high peaks (over 2200 meters), steep valleys, and pathways hewn out of the sheer rock on the spine of a narrow cliff which made people set their foot cautiously and with much hesitation. The cave cut out from the huge boulder lying in the riverbed (image #5) was uninhabitated at the time, but I met hermits 隐士 along my way which still resided in the cave dwellings depicted in some of the last photographs. Knowledgable folk with few needs, they would collect ginseng and other herbs and sell it to the locals.

Nikon FE2 with Tri-X ASA 200 film. 20 year old large paper prints, scanned with an Epson 2400 Photo scanner at 240 DPI; files were converted from TIFF to JPG.

Processed and uploaded September 27, 2006.
Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca NY.