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Created 23-Dec-06
Modified 23-Dec-06
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This site is usually credited to be the first Daoist "monastery". The stele in images 13 to 15 attributes the history of this building complex to the Tang dynasty. The "Record of Louguan" 楼观志 no doubt has a more detailed description of the development of this location, which, btw., is tucked away in the Shanxi 陕西 part of the Qinling 秦岭 mountain range (below Zhongnanshan 终南山, to be precise), and is usually not on any ordinary tourist route - at least that was the case in the fall of 1986. The area is now a national forest park, as many of the sacred mountains are these days.

Slides scanned on an Epson 2400 scanner, TIFF files converted to JPGs, these again converted to grey-scale and individually post-processed.

Uploaded December 23, 2006.
Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca, NY.