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Created 23-Dec-06
Modified 23-Dec-06
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Images of Heming shan 鹤鸣山, a Daoist sacred mountain in Dayi county, Sichuan Province. Said to have been the domain of the first Heavenly Master 张天师. The same master then relocated to Longhushan 龙虎山 (Dragon-Tiger Mountain), where his family settled for many generations, until the present day in fact (see the two related galleries on Longhushan in this section on Sacred Mountains).

Visited September 27, 1986. At the time, there wasn't much there to look at. The original statues of various deities had been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution; the ones in the photographs 12 to 14 served as (temporary) substitutes.

Photograph 6 shows a (then) very rare instance of tree deity worship.

Uploaded December 23, 2006.
Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca, NY