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Created 6-Jan-12
Modified 25-Sep-23
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A series of panoramic and other views of Xiamen (Amoy) in around 1880. The views include the harbor, the British and German Consulates, the Pasedag House, various western-style mansions, and a variety of peaks and scenic spots.

The photographs are attributed to the local (Gulangyu) Chinese studio by the name of Rui Sheng 瑞生 (Jui Shan) and Yi Fang 宜芳 (E-Fong), "Photographer, Portrait and Ship Painters". Nothing much is known about thiis studio except as is advertised in the paper in image 8. The images displayed in this gallery may count among the earliest of Fuzhou (Foochow) and environs. They are of high quality, attributed with fine tonality and demonstrate excellent mastery of the medium.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Panoramic view leftPanoramic view centerPanoramic view rightBritish and German ConsulatesWarehouses at the pierPasedag HouseAn un-named shrine high up in the hillsA view of what might be the Freemason LodgeThe photographer's studio informationThe Freemason's Lodge today IThe Freemason's Lodge today II