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Created 13-Mar-07
Modified 13-Mar-07
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Photographs of the "Eight Immortals Abode" (Baxian'an 八仙庵), the main Daoist temple in Xian 西安, Shanxi province, China. As can be seen from these images, the site was just in the process of being "reclaimed" for Daoist practice and worship.

Photographs taken in the summer of 1985.

Kodak slides, scanned to TIFF with an Epson 4990 scanner. Images converted to lossless JPG and individually postprocessed for color and contrast adjustment.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Stone tablet with name and "status" designation on the provincial register of monumentsThe entrance to the offices of the (to-be-formed) Daoist Association of Shanxi Province.Old Daoist monk in the main courtyardThe "Eight Immortals Abode" is a site with generous dimensionsThere were surprisingly many families with children still living hereOngoing construction IOngoing construction IIDaoist monk, going about his business among the constructionGift deposited with the abbott's office by grateful worshippers and pilgrimsA whole wall of inscribed gifts in the abbott's office, donated by grateful worshippers and pilgrimsTent outside the premises, selling incense and brief prayer texts