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Created 4-Nov-11
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Architectural portrait of the area around Eldridge, Chenango and Water Street in Binghamton, NY.

Three sites of note:
  • Depot Street 21 - A large warehourse/condo brick structure from the 1880s; it won the 2006 architectural preservation award of PAST, the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier.
  • The Lackawanna Train Station, surviving, somewhat miracuously, the grand schemes of "urban renewal".
  • The Derby Knitting Factory on 301 Water Street, or what is left of it after the fire of June 11, 2011.

Leica M9, Zeiss 28mm; processing in LR3.4, Nik SE2 and CS5

Thomas H. Hahn, Ithaca, NY
Stately brick residential mansions, Chenango StreetStately brick residential mansion, Chenango Street IIA former business, for sale on Eldrige StreetSingle family homes, some empty and boarded up, on Way StreetEmpty lot and adjacent vacant houses, northeast  corner of Eldridge and Chenango Street II#24 Eldrigde Street (empty)#24 Eldrigde Street (old entrance)A drycleaning business, no longer in business, on Chenango StreetAlaska Market - The only  functioning grocery in the areaSouthwest corner of Eldrige and Chenango StreetOlder mansion, now a funeral home (Chenango Street, opposite St. Paul's)St. Paul's, a somewhat active church, on Chenango StreetThe underserviced main street - East side of Chenango Street, looking southLate 19th century commercial building, empty, southeast corner of Chenango and Eldridge StreetDisaggregated spaces - looking south on Chenango Street towards Lewis StreetDisaggregated spaces - looking south on Chenango Street towards Lewis Street IIKilmer Building ("Binghamton's first skyscraper") and Lackawanna Station on Lewis Street"SoHo Binghamton", a preservation project by the local  architectural firm ARISEThe Lackawanna Station, designed and build in 1900 by Samuel Huckel Jr.East side of Lackawanna Station - it is no longer in use, and only partially occupied

Guestbook for Urban incoherence - North Binghamton
robert zurenda(non-registered)
my father worked there for 46 years til he retired 7-16-68
Sonja L. (Dean, Buxton) Fava(non-registered)
These are the streets on which I used to walk daily. I lived on Chenango Street, one block (not even) from the Funeral Home. I would walk over the viaduct on my way downtown to shop or to pick up Mom and walk home with her. I am very sad to see the area in which I grew up so run down and not taken care of at all. My step-father was a good friend of Al Libous and we could see his store front from our apartment. I am so glad someone has captured in pictures these areas. Thanks.
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