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Created 21-Jul-13
Modified 10-Dec-19
24 photos
For a lens which was first introduced exactly 20 years ago (=1993), this solid Minolta zoom acquits itself very nicely. It balances well on the A900, produces images which are very sharp (use with caution on anyone over 18 years of age!), and possesses a wonderfully rich, native color signature. I use it as much for architecture (usually to isolate a specific detail in, say, the masonry of a building) as for people and street photography.

These - random - sample images were taken throughout New York state, California, Tokyo and Beijing. Processing (sometimes more involved, sometimes less so) in Lightroom, CS5/6 and - on a couple occasions - in Silver Efex 2.

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
Performers at a festival in BeijingMaskedYoungsters, plotting and schemingReluctant kissFeathers plucked off a pigeonSeagullsOswego, NYMinding his own businessTokyo beauxFlower power galFlower power guyCandymanA cold day in Watertown, NYAt the rodeoOld chap (actually, a life-size sculpture made of paper)Buddhist monkObserving, patientlyYoung lady, shoppingPortrait of a suffering sea lion