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A cross between Zhang Yimou's showbiz style performance spaces and Cirque du Soleil, the 'Seeking the Longushan Dream" ( 寻梦龙虎山 ) is a daily night time event that can be booked on site in this mountain of Jiangxi province, near Yingtan City. This is a land and water-based performance, after a lavish introduction consisting of a narrated preface to the unfolding theme (or dream), a pathway opens up that takes the visitor take to a small flotilla of boats. Once out on the Luxi River one is ferried across the water in between some of Longhushan's most famous mountains which serve as backdrop for the actors and a rather spectacular light show projecting Taooist themes onto the cliffs such as the head of Laozi, a huge coiling dragon, a hidden grotto 洞天 and various other Taoist imagery.

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