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Created 26-Apr-15
Modified 1-May-16
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Photographs taken on Sunday, April 26, 2015, at the How Weird Street Festival on, well, Howard Street, in San Francisco. Only one focal length and lens used, namely, the Sigma 35mm DG HSM. Camera: Sony A900.

Being in a bit of an urban canyon, I was mainly looking for pockets of good light, where certain subjects would stand out. That wasn't achievable in every image (far from it), but #7 might be a good example to highlight my technique.

Developed from cRAW in LR6 with two custom made presets, one for color, and one for b/w. Especially the color images suffer somewhat from compression and loss of detail after being uploaded, there's actually quite a bit more detail to be gleaned in the original versions.

Thomas H. Hahn
Berkeley, CA