Peter Yung(non-registered)
Hi Thomas,
We met and spoke briefly about photography at the Oakland Chinatown Street Fest. back in Aug and I was the shakuhachi flute player with the Heiwas, the grandmother taiko drummers. Thank you for the images and your site is quite impressive. Look us up at See ya on the path.
Walter Atkins(non-registered)
Looking forward to seeing your FJF2019 work!
Ina Asim(non-registered)
Wonderful galleries - just took a virtual stroll through Wuxi...
Thank you so much for sharing these images!
Da fehlt nur noch ein bisschen Oregon :-) Mal sehen, ob ich Dich einladen kann??!
Herzliche Gruesse,
Dear Thomas,

Your photos from Iran are beautiful, I am very moved by the way you look at people, with depth and also a subtle humour. Thanks, it is so generous to share all these documents with everyone!
The colors of New Orleans - I'm impressed of this album :)
Wow nice photos keep updating photos like this..... rally amazing to see this pics
Pastor Donna Taylor Martin(non-registered)
Thanks for the wonderful photos taken after the 2011 flood. One of the churches I serve was in several of the photos. Would there be a way to get copies of those photos? Would you be interested in seeing the resurrected sanctuary that is pictured in your photos? It is quite different from the day you took your photos.
jianing wan(non-registered)

i am looking for Lemunyon's work and get here.

thank you!
Great photos about China in transformation. Thanks...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for scanning the old photos of Taiwan. Having grown up in Kaohsiung, it is wonderful to see pictures of my hometown. The oh-so-familiar mountains at the harbor entrance, missing the dense covering of houses that I'm so used to, took my breath away. I've passed the link onto family and friends who still live there, and I'm sure they'll also enjoy it.
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