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Created 19-Feb-15
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Photographs taken in the Colma cemeteries, just south of San Francisco. From Wikipedia: "Colma became the location of a large number of cemeteries when San Francisco, the town's powerful neighbor to the north, passed an ordinance in 1900 outlawing the construction of any more cemeteries in the city (mainly because of increased property values making the cost of using land for cemeteries prohibitive), and then passed another ordinance in 1912 evicting all existing cemeteries from city limits."

A number of famous men and women have found their final resting place here, including Wyatt Earp (images #12 & 13), Levi Strauss (image #9), Joe DiMaggio etc.

The memorial sites represented in this gallery are:
1. The Jewish Cemetery (Hill of Eternity)
2. Cypress Lawn Cemetery
3. The Serbian Cemetery
3. The Italian Cemetery

All taken with the Leica M9 / 35mm Cron. Processing in Lightroom 5.7 and CS6.
Cypress Lawn Cemetery archwayCypress Lawn Memorial chapelCypress Lawn Cemetery - Egyptian sphinx as guardian of the entrance to this tombCypress Lawn Cemetery - Protecting angelsCypress Lawn Cemetery MausoleumCypress Lawn Cemetery - Greek style mausoleum ICypress Lawn Cemetery - Greek style mausoleum IICypress Lawn Cemetery - Greek style mausoleum IIIJewish cemetery - Levi Strauss MausoleumJewish cemetery - Heller MausoleumJewish cemetery - Sachs MausoleumJewish cemetery - Wyatt Earp's grave (and wife Josephine Sarah Marcus)Jewish cemetery - Spent shell case on Wyatt Earp's headstoneJewish cemetery - Grave stone of 1861Jewish cemetery - Intricate bronze ornamentationJewish cemetery - Barely two years old...Jewish cemetery - Photographic memories IJewish cemetery - Photographic memories IIJewish cemetery -  Parents, joined againJewish cemetery I