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The former Gould Paper Factory, now defunct. Founded by Gordias H.P. Gould in 1895, it shut its doors for good as the Lyons Falls Pulp & Paper in 2001. The site is hazardous on condition of unsound structures, suspected asbestos, underground pits and other factors. However, there is no fence which would restrict unauthorized entry. The Black River, dammed and regulated here at what is probably its most scenic spot, over time has seen its fair share of unregulated waste dumping by the paper mill, too. A 6MW hydro-power plant is still operated adjacent to the old mill. When LFPP finally closed, many workers (about 190) in Lyons Falls and environs lost their jobs. Most of these have not been recovered. The site's fate has not yet been decided. One - very recent - proposal extols the virtues of the location and suggests to convert the old factory site (which had its own railroad connection) into a giant greenhouse, supplying the entire Northeast of the US with locally grown fresh produce and herbs. It will take a major cleanup effort and a big investment to execute this sort of plan.

Update (Jan. 2012): Thanks to a recent $350,000 grant from the Empire State Development Authority, Lyons Falls is moving forward with a plan to renovate and reuse a vacant paper mill. Reuse plans include a hydroponic greenhouse operation, manufacturing space, and a space for academic study and research. (Watertown News of Dec.14, 2011)

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