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From a sailor's album (by the name of Harold - Harry - Carrico). Photographs taken between June 20 and August 24, 1940, in Tsingtao (Qingdao) and Shanghai. Carrico was a seaman on the SS Pike (aka Submarine 173), which used Shanghai and Tsingtao as a regular base, until the attack on Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941, that is, when Japanese authorities closed the Tsingtao port to American warships and merchants.

Andrew Field: Shanghai's dancing world: cabaret culture and urban politics, 1919-1954 (HK, Chinese University Press, 2001)
The U.S. Bar, TsingtaoTip Top Bar in TsingtaoCan Do Cafe (probably Tsingtao)Mumm Cafe, Shanghai, Finnemore's Bar (right), in what appears to be the (in)famous "Blood Alley"Ritz Hotel, Bar and Restaurant (appears to be Tsingtao)Morgan's Bar in TsingtaoCafe Mummy (appears to be Tsingtao)Charleston and Moulin Rouge Cabaret, Tsingtao (Thanks for the verification, SU!)Midnight Cafe and Cabaret (appears to be Tsingtao)Three Aces Bar (location unclear)Kismet Cafe, and Paradise Cafe and Cabaret (location unclear)New Ritz Bar and Frisco Cafe (Shanghai, 31 Ave. Edward VII,  tel. # 96052; Thk you, MS!)New York Bar (Tsingtao, corner of  Fengshan Lu)California Bar card, ShanghaiRoyal Night Club, ShanghaiCancelled dance hall ticket stubs and Pelican Bar card, ShanghaiClover Bar card, Shanghai (and others)Pelican Bar card, Shanghai, advertising beautiful girls of service