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A series of test photographs all taken with the same combination: the Olympus OM-D, and the 75 f1.8 lens. Although it is obvious that the processing is very different, the amount of detail retained (or augmented) by this particular lens in post is very impressive indeed. It is small, light weight (certainly when compared to my FF Sigma 150 f2.8), and very sharp already wide open (see the first two of this series). Color rendition is no issue with the OM-D, the lens doesn't add (such as it happens quite often with Zeiss glass, usually faforably, I should stress), nor does it subtract. It's a flat-out "transparent" lens as Ming Thein puts it, without being "just" clinical. Sharpness, contrast, color rendition, and - open wider than f3.2 - bokeh, all contribute in equal parts towards a very elegant and imminently usable end product. As far as my limited experience goes, this may just be the most accomplished prime lens for m4/3 on the market at this point.

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