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Just two miles south of Watkins Glen in New York State's Fingerlakes Region, Montour Falls is a little gem of a village, with many old homes and structures listed on the National Register of Heritage Sites. The waterfall (going by the names Shequaga Falls, or Havana Falls, or Montour Falls) is historically incorporated into the city plan and layout as it used to drive a number of mills and industries in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Likewise, the old Chemung Canal connecting Watkins Glen (and therefore Seneca Lake) with Elmira was an important (if surprisingly shortlived) transportation artery that ran right through Montour Falls. Both the Falls and the Canal have since been de-industralized and re-naturalized again over the past couple of decades. A railway line running alongside the canal completed the picture at a time when Montour Falls was the administrative seat for Schuyler County. As of the 2000 census, population stands at roughly 1950 souls.

Photographs taken with the Sony R1, post-processing in Adobe Lightroom v2.5

Thomas H. Hahn
Ithaca, NY
The townhall IThe townhall II (Greek Revival style)The library (Greek Revival Style)412 Main StreetSt. Paul's ChurchShequaga Falls and old judge's mansion IShequaga Falls and old judge's mansion (picture postcard version)View over the village I (the Falls in foreground)View over the village IISitting prettyA comet cometh (ok, a plane overhead...)