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Created 17-Sep-09
Modified 27-Feb-14
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A gallery of transitional colors, from summer to fall. Photographs were mostly taken with the Fuji S5 and the Zeiss 100mm, with a couple of exceptions (Nikon D2X, Leica D-Lux 4, and Olympus 8080). The Zeiss does enormously well on the Fuji.

Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom or Capture One 4.

Thomas Hahn
Ithaca, NY
September 2009
Tulip, Cornell Flower Garden  (Fuji S5 & Zeiss 100mm) IAlmost naked... (Fuji S5 and Zeiss 100)Lilies (Fuji S5, Sigma 150mm)Hanging by a thread (Fuji S5)Rusty leaves (Sony R1)The colors of fall IThe colors of fall IIThe colors of fall IIIThe colors of fall IVSoft but bristly (S5 and Zeiss 100)Burnt palm trees, coming alive againLotus in full bloom (Zeiss 100mm)Last one, for the yearEaster tulips (route 326 S)OrchidsWeight, balancedTree ghosts (Leica D-Lux 4)"Attention! Coming through..." (Olympus 8080)...between a rock and a hard place (Fuji S5 & Zeiss 100mm)

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Great shots and wonderful color renderings! All perfect for framing.
Veronica M. Photography
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
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