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A selection of photographs, original and published/printed, related to Daoist sites and practice. The time frame of this collection will extend backwards as far as technically and topically feasible, and forward - hopefully - into the 1970s (through the end of the Cultural Revolution, that is). For more current photographs related to Daoism, see the galleries under "(Sacred) Mountains and Sites in China".

Images such as these are difficult to trace. Outside of Hedda Morrison's photographs of Mt. Hua, with its Daoist cloisters and sword-wielding masters, and Anne Swann Goodrich's study of The Peking Temple of the Eastern Peak: the Tung-yüeh Miao in Peking and its Lore (1964) , there is very little coherent visual documentation of Daoism's late Qing and (post-)Republican era history, either published in print, or unpublished as unique mementos. To arrive at materials covering what was left of Daoist practice (or sites) during the CR is an even more fragmented undertaking. The photographs here represent these circumstances, by drawing from Perckhammer (1930), Osvald Siren (1924), Carl Kupfer (1911), Melchers (1921), Boerschmann (1906-09), John D. Zumbrum (1911-1929), etc. Added - and of considerable interest - is a unique pair of photographs of Daoist Associations (Baoji & Jinan), and a photograph of a Daoist turned filial son-in-mourning who, according to the photograph's description, did not utter a single word over the entire mourning period of three years.

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Beijing Baiyunguan - main gate (1940s)Beijing Baiyunguan - Daoist monk (1940s)Longhushan - General view (1911)Longhushan - Temple of the Jade (sic!) Emperor (1911)Longhushan - Steles (1911)Longhushan - The Village of Shangqing (1911)Longhushan - Zhang Tianshi and family (1911)Longhushan - Zhang Tianshi (1911)Daoist Association, Baoji, praying for peace during the Korea War (1953)Daoist Association, Jinan (1943)Laoshan - Daoist monks and German visitors (ca. 1901)Daoist monk, in mourning over the death of his mother (ca.1911)Daoist monk I (ca. 1930)Beijing Baiyunguan - Temple Festival 庙会 (1930s)Daoist abbott, 1930Daoist monk II (ca. 1930)Beijing Deshengmen, gateyard of the Daoist Temple (1924)Beijing Andingmen, gateyard of the Daoist Temple (1924)Suzhou Xuanmiaoguan 玄妙观 (1930s)Beijing Andingmen, view of the Daoist Temple (1924)